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Uploading Your Company Logo

As an Admin Level User, you can upload your company logo to personalize your user's accounts. Once uploaded, the logo will appear in the top left hand corner of your screen on all of your user's accounts. 

To upload your company logo, simply go to: 

Administration > Company > Settings > Company Settings

Scroll down to the "General Settings" section at the bottom of the page. In this section, you will see two options for logos: Logo and Circular logo. 

The circular logo is what will appear when the system posts on the social stream. 

Please Note - The logo will display maximum size of 210px wide X 56px high (Ratio 3.72:) - we recommend you try to make your logo as close to this size and ratio as possible and use a transparent PNG or GIF as logos on a white background will display the background color. We also recommend that you optimize your logo as images may need to be rescaled and image with a large weight will impact on the site's loading time.

Once you select'Submit', the uploaded image will be displayed successfully. 

Email logo 

In addition to your default company logo, you can also upload an email logo. This logo is used when sending emails from the system.

If you want to use the same logo on both the site and your emails, you do not need to upload the email logo separately.

However, if you have opted to use a white logo on the site as your default logo but then also want to use the white email theme, you would need to upload a different logo so it is visible.

Circular logo

You will also see the option to upload a circular logo below the standard logo upload. This logo is used in locations where the rectangular logo would appear squashed, such as the top right menu and the social stream icon. 

If there is no circular logo uploaded, the system will automatically adjust your standard logo to fit these areas. This image doesn't have to be uploaded as a circle and could be a square. It should be uploaded as 400px wide X 400px High or 200px X 200px (Ratio 1:1) PNG or GIF file. Your marketing team will probably have a similar type of logo in use as the profile picture on your company social media accounts. A white background works well if you're using a dark color in your menu bar. 

Once you select'Submit', the uploaded images will be displayed successfully. 

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