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Branding Site Templates

You can now create different templates for different sites of your company.

1. Create your template

To create a new template, you simply go to:

Admin > Company > Settings > Branding Settings

Once there, click on the 'Add' button below. 

Once clicked, you are then directed to the actual Branding Settings. You can write down your template name, upload images of your logo,  and decide the colors you would like to display. 

Once everything is set, click on 'Submit'.

2. Link your template with your sites

Now that you have your templates, it's now time to add these templates to different sites. By doing so, go to:

Admin > HR > Data Management > Sites

Once there, you can edit your site by clicking on the 'Pencilicon on Actions. If site not created, click on the 'Add' button to create one.

Once clicked, scroll down until you see Site Template, then choose the template you wish to add.

Click on 'Submit' if everything is set.

Now, you have different templates for the different sites you have created/added. 

Please Note - You should be able to have at least one template that is called "Default". That is the company default, where one template is not applied to any site.

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