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Getting Started - Introduction

When you are initially setting up an HRIS it can be a bit daunting. There is a lot of information you need to get into the system to ensure you and your employees can start to get value from the system.

To make life easier for you during the evaluation and trial process, we pre-populate HRWize with sample data which emulates the setup of a small company including employees, departments, job roles, time off and much more.

Of course, once you have finished your evaluation you need to then get YOUR company information and employees into the system and this guide is designed to help you make that process as simple as possible.

To remove this data, you simply need to go to Administration > Company> Delete > Delete sample data file.

You will notice that the dashboard now shows no employees - if you have entered some sample employees, departments etc of your own during the trial then these will still remain. To remove these you can either manually remove them via their respective modules or you can use the "Delete" function under the "Company Menu" which allows you to remove all employees, time off or all data (use with caution as this cannot be reversed once completed!)

The other thing you will notice is that there is now a green progress bar at the top of your dashboard; the progress bar contains a walk-through of steps that you need to complete to get the system up and running from scratch. 

The walk-through will guide you through the following sections:

  • Company Name & Address
  • Setting up departments 
  • Setting up job status
  • Setting up job roles
  • Manager job role (If you set the job role in the previous step to a manager, this step will automatically be completed - as will the "Adding your first manager" step below)
  • Setting up Sites
  • Setting up your first employee
  • Adding your first manager (If the employee, who was set up in the previous step is set to as a manager this step will be automatically completed)
  • Setting up Time off types
  • Setting up Company Users
  • Rest of employees (This is populated from the number of employees field when you first signed up for the trial. For example, if when you sign up for a trial you select that you have 5 employees and you enter 1 employee during this setup up process this getting started walk-through will remain active until all 5 employees have been entered into the system).
  • Setting up Documents

We strongly recommend that you complete this getting started process as this will make your setup much easier and allow you to start using the system to its full potential as soon as possible. 

Once you click on a step you will then be taken to the relevant page which allows you to complete the step. An example, the step for adding a job role will direct you straight through to the add a job role page. 

One the screen there are a number of input boxes into which you can enter your job role information. It is very rare that you will be required to fill every field in a form but some fields are mandatory as they impact the successful operation of the system. The mandatory fields are highlighted with a red asterisk and you wont be able to submit the form until all the mandatory fields are complete. 

Once you have entered the details and submitted the form, you will notice a green success notification just under the title of the form to let you know we have received the information and you can move on.

We have added additional Getting started guides for each of the areas shown above in the steps - some are very simple but one or two are less so hence you can drop in and out of them as required. To access these extra articles, simply click the links on the steps in the above list.

It should also be noted that as well as manually entering the data required for the Getting started steps you can also use Bulk upload which allows you to enter all your roles, departments, employees and so on from a spreadsheet each in one action. While this does require some time to get the data into the correct format for the upload, it can also be a considerable time saver especially if you have a larger sized company.

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