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Twitter Integration

In the Wizest version of HRWize, you can embded your companies latest Tweets into the grey Announcements bar on the right-side of the system, to encourage everyone in your company to engage with post.

You can intergrate Twitter via:

Admin > Company > Settings >Branding Settings -scroll down to the Twitter Integration section.

  1. Twitter Handle: Enter your company twitter without the @ symbol. Ex. hrwize_ 
  2. Tweet Limit: This is the maximum number of recent posts you'd like to display. We find "3" posts work well if your company Tweets with images attached as these are quite deep posts compared to a Tweet which is a few lines of text only. 
  3. Twitter Location: Where you do want the posts to appear in the grey menu bar - above your company announcements, between your company announcements and workflow items or below the workflow items?

employer branding

Once you've completed the above fields, click "Submit" and the Twitter integration will now be live across your company. 

If having the actual Twitter content displayed feels a bit too busy for your company, but you'd still like to encourage your employees to engage with your social media accounts, take a look at adding additional links (rather than content) to your menu bar.

Additional notes: We've embedded Twitter's own functionality into the system, so the content of the frame itself is outside of our control.

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