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Set a Background Image

It is possible to set a background image for your site to allow you to further maximize the branding for your company (E.g. an image of your office of a recent social event).

The image can be added under via:

Admin > Company> Settings > Branding Settings

Then, click on 'Add' at the bottom of the table. Under 'Images' section, you can upload an image of your choice. This is a global image and will apply to all users.

The option against the image is how you deal with scenarios where the screen size is bigger than the image and the ability to set opacity on the image. 

  • Cover (default) - This will stretch the image to fill the screen width. This may mean that the image gets a little distorted as it is stretched or it may be slightly cropped on one side. This works best with photos.
  • Contain - This will show the image once centered on the screen. As with tile, this will mean there is no distortion but it may mean that the image is not always visible depending on the screen contents. This works best with logos.
  • Tile - This will "tile" the images to fit the screen size. This will mean there is no distortion but it may mean you have multiple copies of the image at certain screen sizes. This can work with both logos and images.


This is a number between 1 and 100 where 100 is no opacity/transparency and 1 is almost invisible. We find a setting of around 50 is ideal for most images.

When choosing an image, we recommend the following:

  • Use JPG/JPEG images rather than PNG/BMP or GIF;
  • The image ideally should be portrait (I.e. taller than it is wide);
  • The image resolution should ideally be around 3 x 4 (for example, 1200  pixels wide by 1600 pixels high);
  • When saving the image, set the quality to around 40. It does not need to be maximum quality;
  • Do not set transparency on the image before uploading as this will prevent you saving it as JPG - use the option above for transparency to control the display;
  • The image should ideally be neither very dark nor very light;
  • If the image size is too large, this will impact the load time of pages which is why it is important to get this right. The target size should be around 150 to 250kb.

For example, 50 Opacity is shown below:

Ultimately, you may need to experiment with the various options to get this right as each image will be slightly different.

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