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HRWize - 9 Box Grid

Added by popular demand, the 9 Box Grid is a simplistic method of managing talent and succession planning within HRWize.


How will the 9 box grid help my business?

  • Clearly see high-flying employees - Using the 9 box grid, you can clearly determine which employees are performing well and have the potential to be promoted within your organisation (high performance & high potential). This will enable you to further prepare them for future roles.
  • Spot areas for development – If your employees fall within the “middle ground” categories (highlighted in the orange areas) these employees may require further development in their current role to help them improve their performance. Likewise, if the fall under the ‘high potential low performance’ category, they may need to be reassigned to another position which best fits their skills and abilities. The 9 box grid will allow you identify employees who require improvement in order to make them more valuable to your organisation.
  • Identify any low performers-  Alongside being able to spot those in your organisation who require improvement or even promotion, the 9 box grid also allows you to identify any employees who are performing badly with no real progression potential, these are the types of employees who may be hindering the success of your organisation.  

How to I set up the 9 box grid within HRWize?

The 9 box grid will be automatically enabled within the Performance Module of HRWize. 

Populating the grid is achieved through creating a Custom Review Form within the Form Builder tool.

To access the Form Builder, go to:

 Administration > Company > Form Builder



Select ‘Add’ and create a ‘Performance Review’ form


Input field information, select ‘9 box grid - performance’ field type and add this to the form.

Note: Remember to also include an 'Assigned Employee' field in your form!

Note: You must ensure that you when creating the fields below, that you set Field Access to ‘Employee cannot view or update’, otherwise the employee will have either be able to view or update the fields within self-service.

 Repeat this process for the ‘9 box grid – Potential’ field type.

Both of these fields contain values of Low, Moderate and High which correspond to a section of the 9 box grid.

Both of these fields will now appear within your performance review for a manager / HR user to complete on the behalf of the employee. Based on the results, the ratings will now appear on the 9 Box Grid within the performance module.

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