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Job Grades

Within HRWize, there is the option to assign employees to particular job grades. 

If using the job grading structure, the employee's working pattern, salary and time off allowance will derive from the information entered against the job grade rather than being entered manually.

How to set up Job Grades

You will need to be logged in to an Administrator-level account and go to Administration > Company > Settings > Company Settings

Within the "Financial" section, you will need to set the "Job Grades determine salary/ time off entitlement" to one of the "Yes" options and select "Submit".

Both of the "Yes" are defined as: 

"Yes - Salary and leave entitlement": The salary and the leave entitlement will derive from the job grade automatically. 

"Yes - Salary only": Only the employee's salary will be defined by the figure against the job grade; selecting the salary only option will mean that leave entitlements must be managed manually. 

Your next step will be to populate the system with job grades. You will need to go to: Administration > HR > Data management > Job grades

Enter your various job grades into this table. When adding the new job grade, you will be asked to define the salary, working hours and annual entitlements for any employees who are associated with this grade. 

Assigning Job grades to employees

Job grades can be allocated at the point of adding a new employee into the system by selecting from your pre-populated job grades list. Alternatively, job grades can be assigned to existing employees via the "Benefits" icon on their employee file. 


Once job grades have been assigned, you will notice that you no longer have the ability to adjust the employee's salary, time off allowance or working hours. This is due to the the information being defined by the job grade. 

If you need to make an adjustment to their salary, time of allowance or working hours, you will need to adjust the original information against the job grade or adjust their FTE. 

Adjusting the working days and the FTE of an employee  within the "Job grades" system will automatically adjust their salary, working hours and time off allowance based in the FTE and working pattern which you've entered. 

Overriding Job Grades 

If there are any employees who do not fit the job grades structure you do have the ability to override this on an individual employee basis. 

Within the "Benefits" icon on the employee file, selecting the check-box entitled "Grade Override" will remove this employee from the grading structure and re-open the ability to manually edit the salary, working pattern and time off allowance fields. 

Please note: Overriding the job grades will completely remove all ties to the original job grades, any future adjustments made to this job grade will NOT affect any employees who have been overridden.

Updating Job Grades

Updating a job grade will adjust the relevant information for all employees who have been assigned to that grade. 

There a couple of steps which you will need to follow in order to successfully update a job grade. 

Firstly, you will need to go to:

Administration > HR > Data Management > Job Grades 

Here, you can edit the grade to include the new information. 

When the change is submitted, the employee's information will not be automatically updated with the change. 

Secondly, you will need to select the "Update employees" option which can be found on the "Job grades" page. 

This will display a series of check-boxes asking you which employees within the job grades structure you would like to update and sync with the current information against the job grade. 

Select "All" or the names of those whose information you would like update once submitted, this will update their information to that which is housed against the job grade. 

Please note: When updating job grades, employee's have been subject to the Job Grades Override will NOT appear in the check-boxes on this page as they are outside of the grading structure - you will need to manually update their information via their employee file.


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