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Optimizing HRWize

Within HRWize, there are an abundance of various settings which enable and disable various modules and options to customiZe the interface and modules to suit you.

Here are some tips on how to adjust some of the settings to enhance your HRWize experience.

Disable unused modules

A wide array of modules and functionality are available within HRWize some of which, you may not be using. To disable these, go to:

Administration > Company > Settings > Display Settings 

Here, you will be able to use the check boxes at the top of the page within “Modules”. Unchecking any of these options will disable the respective modules and reduce the menu items to the left of the page.

Customize your employee file view

To customize your employee file view, go to:

Administration > Company > Settings > Display Settings 

Then, scroll down to “Employee Module”.

The employee’s information can either be displayed as a card which will present an overview of various fields of information or a table view containing various options. For an overview of both the employee card and table views, visit our Employee Cards article.

To change the default system option between the card and table view, you should adjust the Default employee module view” setting to the relevant option. If the "Card" option is selected, a series of check-boxes will appear allowing you to select the fields which are displayed within the overview section of the employee card.


Setup the Employee portal

The employee portal allows employees to easily submit their requests, view the status of any outstanding, or submitted requests and view or complete any outstanding tasks or requirements.

To enable the above employee portal, go to:

Administration > Company > Settings > Display Settings

Then, scroll down to the “Employee Views” section and ensure that the “Employee Portal" field is set to 'Yes'.

 Once set to 'Yes', there will be 2 options appearing:

  • Show my team;
  • Show people I am following.

Uploading employee’s photographs

Photographs of the employee can be added to their profile or uploaded by the user, to help to make their profile more personable; we also find that uploading employee photographs aids in creating a positive experience for new starters as they get to know the names of their new colleagues.

Employee’s photographs will be displayed on their employee profile, the employee directory and the organisation chart.

For extra guidance on how to upload an employee’s photo to their file, visit our support article on Uploading Employee’s Photographs.

Exporting the HRWize Calendar

Each individual user has the ability to display their HRWize calendar within their email client whether this be Microsoft Outlook or Gmail. The amount of information which can be viewed on this exported calendar derives from their user access level for the user. For example, an administrator will see the calendar entries for the entire company which an employee user will only see their own entries on the exported calendar.

If you would like further guidance on how to export the HRWize Calendar into your email client please visit the Display Calendar in Outlook, or Display Calendar in Google.


Form downloads using field display name

By default, when downloading form responses from the Form Builder within HRWize the system will use the “Database field name” which often contains underscores and other special characters. HRWize gives you the option to download this data using the Field display label: the name of the field displayed to the end user.

We would recommend changing from the default option to use the field display label in the download fields as this typically, makes the form responses easier to view.

To update this setting, you will need to go to:

Administration > Company > Settings > Company settings

Near the bottom of the company settings page you will need to update the field entitled “Default form download label” and choose “Field display label”. Once submitted, downloading the responses of any forms into a CSV format will display using the field display label rather than the database name.

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