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HR Ticketing

HR ticketing is a great feature which will allow your company users to send queries to HR from within the HRWize system.

How will HR ticketing help my business?

  • A new open channel for HR queries - HR ticketing gives you a new avenue when it comes to interacting with your employees and answering any questions that they might have for your HR department;
  • Keep an archived record of all inquiries - All tickets can be saved and archived once they are resolved. This ensures that there is always a saved record for future reference - meaning that you never have to lose another hand-written note again;
  • Email notifications of new tickets & updates - When a new ticket request is submitted, HR will receive an email to let them know that an inquiry has been received. Likewise, once the ticket has been updated, the user who has submitted the inquiry will receive an email letting them know that there has been a response. 

How to set up HR Ticketing within HRWize

To begin using HR ticketing within HRWize, there are a few steps which you must follow:

Step 1 - Enable Ticketing Module

  1. Go to: Administration > Company > Settings > Display Settings;
  2. Under "Module Display", ensure that the check box besides "Tickets" is selected;
  3. Submit changes at the bottom of the page. 

Step 2 - Set up HR Mailbox 

The HR mailbox is the email address to which notifications from the system will be sent - this includes notifications for new ticketing queries. 

  1. Go to: Administration >  Company > Settings > Company Settings;
  2. Under "Notification" Section, input mailbox email address into the "HR Mailbox" field;
  3. Submit settings changes at the bottom of the page.


Step 3 - Set up Ticket Types 

  1. Go to the envelope icon near the Profile Menu on the top right of the screen;
  2. Select 'Ticket Types' to add a new ticket type.  Ticket types are categories to help you organize your tickets;
  3. Select 'Add' to add a new ticket type, input type information and 'Submit'.

By setting the "Manager Only" field to 'Yes' this type will only be available for mangers to select. Setting this field to 'No', will allow this to be open to all employees. HR Ticketing is now set up and ready to use. 


Receiving / Replying to a ticket 

When a new ticket is received, an email notification will be generated to the HR Mailbox. As well as a red number containing the number of new tickets appearing next to the envelope icon. 

To Reply to a ticket: 

  1. Click on the 'envelope' icon to be taken through to the ticketing module. Unopened tickets will appear in bold.
  2. To view a ticket select the magnifying glass icon under "Actions";
  3. You can now view the full message, to reply select 'Reply' and type your response;
  4. Select 'Send' to respond to the ticket query.

The requesting user will then be notified by email & by the envelope icon within their account where they can view and reply to the latest response. 

Closing a ticket 

To close and archive a resolved ticket, simply click the 'Close and Archive' icon under actions on the completed ticket. This will mark the ticket as closed and move it to the archive where the ticket will be stored away from the active tickets list. 

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