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Adding Links, Images and Videos to Announcements

You can access the announcements module under: 

Administration > HR > Announcements

Within the announcement module you can now add features such as:

  • Links - This could be to intranet pages or external websites.
  • Images - You can select images from a web page or upload a document that you may have saved locally.
  • Videos - The video will need to be stored online in order for the video to embed into the system.

When you are adding a new announcement you will be presented with the screen below:


This icon is where you can add links, when you click on this link it will present you with:


You have the option to enter the URL that you would like the link to take you too; however you can then choose what is displayed within the announcement itself.

This icon is where you can add images. You will be presented with the following:mceclip2.png 



You can select a file from your computer by clicking on "Choose Files", you can also paste the URL to the image for this to display in the system. The image below will show how this will look in your announcement:


This icon is where you can embed videos into you announcement. You will be taken to the following page:mceclip5.png


Please Note - The video must be stored online for this to be embedded into the system.

Please see below a preview of how this would look in your announcement.


Choose files or drag and drop files
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