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Uploading Documents Into an Employee's File

Documents can be uploaded and stored against your employee’s files from within your account; permissions can be set against these uploaded documents as some can be viewable to the employee or just Administrators, HR and the employee’s line manager.

To upload a document to an employee file, you will to go to People > Employees, then you need to select the ‘Documents’ icon on their employee card.

Once inside, you will be able to view a screen similar to the below:

Please Note - If you do not see the categories (folders) at the top of the screen this will mean that they have not been set up by administrators. Any documents which have not been assigned to categories will be stored in the table beneath“Employee documents”.

To upload a document, select the purple ‘Upload’ button at the bottom of the page.

You will then be required to complete the following fields:

  • Document name – The name of this document
  • Document description – A description to outline the content of this document
  • Mandatory Document – If this document is a mandatory document (e.g a passport or right to work) you will be able to select the document type from this pre-populated list.
    Please Note - If you are uploading a mandatory document type which is not in the list you will need to contact an administrator who will be able to add this option in for you.
  • Electronic signature required – Selecting ‘Yes’ will notify and require the employee to log in to their account and electronically sign this document.
  • Category – If this document is being assigned into a category (a folder) you will be able to select the relevant category from the drop-down list.
    If documents are not assigned to a category they will reside in a table on the employee documents page.
  • Document view status – If the view status for this document is set to Private, the employee will not be able to view this document. This will only viewable by Admin, HR and the employee’s manager.
    If this is set to ‘Employee’ this document will also be able to view this document within their self-service accounts. 
  • Document to upload – select the ‘Browse’ button to upload this document from your computer.

Once the fields on this page have been completed, select ‘Submit’ and a green banner up at the top of the screen will confirm that this document has been uploaded successfully.

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