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Mandatory Company Holidays

If you have days within your company with everyone must take such as public holidays or forced shutdown periods, you should look at Mandatory Company Holidays.

By using Mandatory Company Holidays you get two benefits:

  1. Employees will have these days automatically removed from their allowance
  2. Any timeoff booked which includes a Mandatory Holiday will not have that day double counted.

The disadvantage of using Mandatory Company Holidays is that the day does not appear as an actual timeoff record. It gets taken into account in the background, but is not directly visible to the employee.

Additionally, if you have different rules for public holidays to shut down days, for example, then you should look at using Shutdown days instead. This might be the case if employees only get shutdown days added to their allowance if are employed on a cut off date for example.

For more information on Shut Down days click here.

To setup Mandatory Company Holidays you need to do 3 things:

  1. Enable "COMPANY HOLIDAYS MANDATORY" by going to Administration > Company >Settings > Timeoff settings (global)Once in the time off settings screen, if you scroll down to the section entitled "Company Holidays"you will need to set the "Company Holidays Mandatory" field to 'Yes' (also you can set this under HR > Data Management > Sites for individual sites should this only apply to certain employees/locations/companies etc.)
  2. Choose from which time off type you wish these mandatory holidays to be removed by setting "Default deducting type". You can do this by going to Administration > HR > Time off management > Time off Typesediting the type which you wish to deduct the mandatory days from and setting the "Default Deducting Type" field to 'Yes'.
  3. Add the actual holidays themselves under Time & Attendance> Holidays. When adding mandatory holidays, these can be restricted by department, site or cost centre using the various options. Tthe mandatory holiday which is being entered will only apply to the options which you choose. Once you have this enabled, employees will automatically have the Holidays removed from their allowance.


Your company has enabled Company Holidays Mandatory, assigned these days against Holiday and added the days. For simplicity sake, these days map the UK public holidays giving 8 days in total.

Fred works 5 days per week and is entitled to a total of 28 days Holiday per year - from the beginning of the year his allowance will show as:

In this instance, Fred has 6 days which have been already taken and 8 mandatory days automatically deducted from his allowance giving him a total of 14 days remaining. By adding all of these values together, we can see that Fred's full annual allowance is 28 days. 

Fred then requests timeoff from 22nd December to 26 December inclusive. The system looks initially at whether each of the days are working days for Fred (which they are) and then checks for Company Holidays and in this case finds 25th December and 26th December hence it only deducts three days from his allowance as the 2 mandatory days are already deducted.

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