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To set up pages, go to:

 HR > Pages

Here are the instructions you must follow: 

  1. Create categories
    • Go to the bottom of the page and click on 'Categories'. This will bring you to the page called Page Categories.
    • Click the 'Add' button. Here, you can create your first category. This first category cannot have a parent, as there are no other categories created. However, the "Parent" section determines what "section" your category will be filed under, if any. For example, if your first 3 categories are: Retreats, Events, and Miscellaneous, you can create sub-categories within them by choosing one of those 3 as the "parent" category.
  2. Create the content you would like
    • Go back to your main page. You will find icons with different functions such as adding tables; choosing a color from the background, foreground, the font; add pictures and videos.
    • Once you click 'Submit', other employees will be able to view the pages by clicking on the "Earth icon in the side bar and select the category and page they would like to see.
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