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I cannot see all the columns in a table

Sometimes when you are viewing a table you may find that some columns are missing - this is caused by one of two things.

The first thing to check is that you are displaying all the columns in "Column visibility" - in the example below, the "Submitted Date" and "Comments" columns have been turned off so they will not show.

If this happens, you can either reselect the columns you wish to show or, alternatively, you can click "Reset" at the top right of the table which will restore all columns to visible, remove any filters and searches and also restores sorts to default order.

 If you still are unable to view all the columns then it may be that your screen size is too small to display all the content and the table has gone into responsive mode - simply put, this means that on smaller screens like phones for example, the system hides certain columns so you can only see the first x columns to prevent unnecessary scrolling.

If this is the case, you will see a plus icon to the left of the left most column as per below:

In this instance, to view the remaining columns you need to click the Plus icon which will then expand the area below the row to show the other fields like below:

Please note: It is possible that both of the above can be in use together like in this example - the responsive option will only show those fields which are available for display in the table so will not show committed date or comments as they are hidden in the table column visibility settings.

In this case, you may have to tweak both the column visibility and also the Plus icon to view the fields in question.


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