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Announcements the equivalent of a "digital notice board" within HRWize; announcements now display on the right hand side of every page in the system. 

You can access the announcements module under:

Administration > HR > Announcements 

When you first use Announcements, the first thing you need to do it to create "Announcement Categories" as every Announcement needs to be assigned a category.

Categories are accessed by selecting 'Categories' within the Announcements module. As per normal functionality, you can add, edit and delete categories as required. 

When adding a category there are only two options - Name and Color which is chosen from a list of options via a drop down. You can also select 'Custom' from this drop down which will open a color picker where you can further customize your announcement.

To add an Announcement, you simply need to click 'Add' when inside the Announcements module and complete the fields on the screen. 

Most of this is self explanatory but there are a few fields which warrant additional explanation:

  1. Pinned -  Pinning an announcement will ensure that it remains at the top of the announcements list;
  2. Category - This links the post to the Announcement Category as created above. Alternatively, if you have forgotten to add a category beforehand, you can do so from this screen by using the 'Addbutton next to this field;
  3. Status - This refers to the announcement being "Active" or "Inactive". Active will mean that the announcement is to be displayed, "Inactive" may be used if you are preparing an announcement and do not wish for it to be displayed immediately.
  4. Link to company document - If you want to attach a link to a document stored in Company Documents, you can do so from the list. Please be aware that the list shows all documents regardless of their permissions. While a document may be limited to one department under Company Documents, this will still be eligible in the list;
  5. Department permissions - If you wish to restrict an announcement to a selection of departments, you can do so from the list of your company departments. If you do not choose any departments, the system will publish the announcement to all of them by default;
  6. Site Permissions - If you wish to restrict an announcement to a select of site locations, you can do so from this list of site locations. If you do not select any of these options this announcement will apply to all sites;
  7. Expiry date - If you only want to the announcement to be visible for a limited time, you can enter an expiry date, after which the announcement will no longer be shown;
  8. Send Email - If selected, an automatic email will be sent out to employees informing them of this announcement. The email will only be sent to those who based on the permissions, are set to receive the announcement. The announcement must also be set to "Active" in order for the email to be sent. 

Once created, the announcements are then shown on the right hand side of each page and are color coded according to the Category settings specified earlier:

If you want to add content in your announcements, there is button on that section called "Picture" or "Video". Once click on one of them, you will be able to select a picture from your desktop or copy paste a URL site, same goes for video.

One done, click on 'Submit', and you will be presented with your image or video on the content editor.

Please Note - We recommend adding content below your image/video because if we look back at the announcement display, we only give 4-5 lines before people click on the “Show more” line. This makes sense to show or pop up first the visual presentation.

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