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Adding an Employee Photo

To upload a photo for an employee, you can use the Employee Photo feature which is accessed by clicking on the picture icon in the employee card:

When uploaded, the employee photo is then shown on both the Employees file and on the organizational chart.

Process of uploading the photo

To upload a photo, there is a two step process:

  1. First, you upload the picture (only JPG, GIF, PNG and BMP images can be uploaded) by clicking choose image and then choosing the file on your computer.
  2.  Once uploaded, you then need to crop the image so it fits the correct aspect ratio for use on the organizational chart and so on. To crop the image, simply click anywhere in the main image on the left and drag the cursor. You will then see a light-box appear around the area you have chosen and a preview which will appear on the right so you can see what the finished image will look like. Once happy with the selection, click on 'Crop and upload' to finalize the process and upload the cropped image.

Deleting a Photo

The option to delete an image is also an option. Once selecting this option, a browser notification will appear asking "Are you sure?"

Once selecting 'OK', the image will be removed and the following will be seen:

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