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Within HRWize we have default workflows built in for all actions which require approval such as adding timeoff, training, expenses, mileage, timesheets and so on.

These standard workflows generate notification emails to employees, managers and approvers as well as sending reminder emails should a request not be approved within a predefined period.

Additionally, we have specific workflows available for onboarding, offboarding and recruitment.

With this release, we are adding the ability to create totally custom workflows. These workflows are available in three distinct types:

  1. Approval – a workflow for anything which requires approval such as a timeoff request, salary increase and so on. (See here for more detail)
    • Usually, these requests will require an approval of sorts but that is not necessarily always the case.
    • An approval workflow is triggered when the request is submitted.
  2. Tasks – a checklist which can be used for any process which requires actions to be completed or information to be checked such as onboarding a new employee or a recruitment process.
    • A task workflow is usually triggered manually.
  3. Continuous - this workflow type runs on a schedule in the background and only triggers when a rule is met. This currently has the following trigger options:
    • Calendar - The workflow will trigger based upon certain calendar days. These can be set to relative dates which are based around potentially changing dates such as first Friday of every month. They can alternatively be set to absolute dates which are specified date such as "12th January".
    • Changes - The workflow will trigger whenever a change has been made. This can be set to trigger on various different options such as "Start date" and "Last working day".
    • Trigger date - The workflow will trigger once on a specific date which is based on the FIRST item in the attached workflow. Please note, this will not trigger on the earliest date - it will always be based on the first in the list. This is useful for things such as employee birthdays and so on.
    • Expenses cost - The workflow will trigger when the selected expense falls within a specified cost range.
    • Mileage distance - The workflow will trigger when an employees mileage distance falls within a specified range.
    • Mileage cost - The workflow will trigger when an employees mileage costs fall within a specified range.
    • Timeoff duration - The workflow will trigger when an employees time off duration falls within a specified range. You can also set a trigger date for this. If a trigger date is set only time off instances after this date will be counted in the calculations for  checking for occurrences of time off.
    • Timeoff instances - The workflow will trigger when the employees number of time off instances falls within a specified range.
    • Employee age - The workflow will fire when an employee's age matches the conditions given.

For more on Continuous workflow, click here.

For help and guidance using custom workflows, you should download the Workflow Guide.


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