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Showing Taken Timeoff with No Balances

Depending on your company structure, you may have instances where an employee does not have a specific time off allowance, but instead books their time using an unlimited balance.

To facilitate this, we have introduced an option called "Timeoff no allowances". This setting allows users to replace the default time off donut showing an allowance that is deducted from, with a new donut that shows your total days booked and how this is broken down. 

This appears as follows: 


As you can see on the above screenshot, rather than showing the bookings deducted from an overall balance, it now just shows the sum total of all of the bookings. In this case, it is 14.23 days.   

To switch this view on, the first thing that you will need to do is to change your global, or site level time off setting for "Time off no allowances" to 'Yes'. 

The global settings can be found by going to: 

Administration > Company > Settings > Timeoff Settings (Global)

You can alternatively set this at a site level using the "Site Level Timeoff Settings" option, found by editing any of your sites. You can find your site list and editing options by going to: 

Administration > HR > Data Management > Sites > Edit

Once the above has been set, you will then notice that your donut is now showing zero days for the applicable employees. This means that the setting has taken effect. 

Once the setting has taken effect, you can adjust which time off types appear in this list by going to your individual types and setting the "Timeoff no allowances" option for the specific time off type to yes. You can find these options by going to:

Administration > HR > Timeoff Management > Time off Types > Edit

When these settings have been put into place, your donut will now show the deductions for each type as a growing donut that will increase for any bookings made. 

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