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Saving and Autosaving Forms

By default, HRWize will log you out after 30 minutes of inactivity, although this can be set to a maximum of 4 hours (240 minutes). A pop up should appear telling you you are about to be logged out and you have the option to stay logged in. If you choose to stay logged in, the timer will reset.

If for some reason you do not have focus on the HRWize web page, you will not be able to see this pop up. Therefore, you will be logged out. This may result in the loss of data that you have entered into a partially completed form that has not been submitted. This is particularly an issue with Performance reviews, Performance Improvements and Other forms which require an Assigned employee and the Completed field.

To prevent the loss of data in a partially completed form, from a system timeout, you can set Custom Form save options to manually save or autosave a form before submitting it via:

Administration > Company > Settings > Company settings


This is especially useful if you are unable to complete a mandatory or required field, such as in this example, Allergy 1, because you need to go away and find out some information before you are able to submit the form.

Please Note - If, as a manager, you click on the 'Save' Button and you have not selected an Employee name, the information you have added will be lost and the form will not be saved.  


If your form contains a Completed field set to 'Yes' when you click on the 'Save' button, the Completed field will be reset to 'No'. Otherwise, this partially completed form might trigger a step in a workflow which would subsequently fail if the required data is missing.


If your form contains multiple Completed fields, for instance there is an Employee completed and a Manager completed field, ALL these Completed fields will be reset to 'No' if you click on the 'Save' button.


If you want to ensure the previous Completed fields on the form stay set to 'Yes' when you click on 'Save', you can edit in the form the Completed field to be set to uneditable. In this example, the Employee completed field is set to uneditable. Once completed field is set to 'Yes', you will see a padlock next to the field in the form view. This means that if the Manager clicks on the 'Save' button after the Employee has completed their part of the form, the Employee completed field will remain 'Yes'.


After clicking on the 'Save' button, you will see an alert at the top of the screen (colored Blue) telling you the form has been saved rather than submitted:


You can return to the form later to complete the remaining fields, then 'Submit'.

There is an alternative setting to the Save button available via:

Administration > Company > Settings > Company settings

You can choose for the system to automatically save the form every 5 minutes by selecting Auto save since there is no save button available. However you can also choose both options which means you can either save OR let the system save every 5 minutes.


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