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Submitting Expenses on Behalf of Another Employee

This option allows for one employee to submit expenses on behalf of someone else (e.g. a PA on behalf of their Director).

To enable this option go to:

Administration > Company > Settings > Company settings

In the General settings section you will see an "Allow employees to submit on 'behalf of others" checkbox option:


Select the 'Expenses' checkbox to enable this feature.

You can then enable this feature when adding a new User, or edit an existing User (regardless of their user access level) you want to be able to submit expenses on behalf of someone else. Go to:

People > Users

To edit an existing User, in the list of Users, click on the 'Edit' action, or at the bottom of the screen, click on 'Add' to add a new User:


In the Act on Behalf of section, add the name or names of the employees this employee will act on behalf of:


When this user adds expenses via their 'What would you like to do?' button, they will see a dropdown list of names (including their own):

If they want to submit for themselves they will need to pick their own name from the list or that of the person they want to submit for.

Please Note - This user can ONLY submit 'on behalf of' so they cannot edit, view and so on.

The submitted Expenses goes into the approval process of the person they are submitting on behalf of. This person can 'View', 'Print', 'Edit' or 'Delete' the submitted claim.

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