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Having More Than One Career Web Page

If your company has more than one Career Web Page, or even have Career Web Page but different languages, here are some steps to follow:

1. Create Sites of each of your Careers Web Page

  • When you set up your requisition, you have to define which 'site', it belongs to.
  • To create sites, you must go to Admin > HR > Data Management > Sites

2. Create separate Career Web Templates

  • To create your job list page, you must go to Recruitment > Options > List Page SettingsClick on 'Add' to create your template.
  • Please Note - This settings is only available as Admin level. If you are a different user and have access to the Recruitment module, this directly leads you back to your home page. In order for you to edit and/or add Career Web Templates, log in as an Admin user.

3. Create Portal Keys

  • Go to Recruitment > Requisitions, and at the bottom, click on' Portal Keys'
  • Click on 'Add', change the Site permission to the specific site with the right Career Web Templates:

4. Create your requisitions

  • When creating a requisition, you will have to select a site. This requisition will then be published on the Portal key (hence the Career Web Page) associated with this site.

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