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Google Single Sign On

Within HRWize, there is the ability to login in to your user account using an email address which is hosted within Google Mail.

In order to set this up, you must first ensure that an email address is a valid email address with Google Mail.

Setting up Google Single Sign On

To enable Google single sign on from within ad administrator-level account, you will need to go to:

Administration > Company > Settings > Security Settings

Once there, make sure that the Allow Google login field is set to 'Yes'.

Once submitted, you will need to make sure that the user name for the employee's user account is set to using the google-registered email address. If you want to update the employees' work email address to the login email, tick the 'Update employee work email addres' box. This is found in People > Users, and click on whichever user you want to update, or by clicking on 'Add' if you want to add a user.

Once submitted, on the login page, you will need to select the Login with Google button as opposed to entering their username and password to access the system.

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