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Change The Color of The Menu Bar

Within the Wizest version of HRWize, you can change the colors of the menu bars and main buttons to be more in line with your company brand. You can do this under: 

Administration > Company > settings > Display settings - scroll down to the Branding section

Menu colour - the colour across the top and left menu bar

Primary button colour - used as the "highlight" colour in the menu and main buttons throughout the system such as the "Submit" button

Secondary button colour - used for additional buttons where there's a few to choose from and these are typically the less well-used buttons

If your corporate colours are especially bright, it would be worth asking your marketing team for some options as they'll usually have a secondary colour pallet to choose from. 

Darker colours work better than greys on the menu as the menu items are off-white. 

Depending on your colour scheme, an all-white logo may look better in the top menu bar - here's how to change your company logo:

The default version of the system

Administration > Company > settings > Display settings - scroll down to the Branding section

If you want to revert back to the default version of the system, you can do so by clicking the "Reset all colours and remove CSS" button. Please note: Some customer may have asked their web developers to make additional changes to the look of the system through the use of Custom CSS. If so, please take a copy of this code before resetting the system back to the default version. 

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