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Choosing a Color and Using The Color Picker

In a number of places within HRWize there is the ability to customize a display color of items being shown on the screen. 

Section 1: How do I change the color of a Timeoff type?

Please go to:

Administration > HR > Timeoff management > Timeoff types

Then click 'Edit (pencil icon)' on the timeoff type you would like to change. 

To select colors, you need to use the inbuilt color picker (unless you know HTML HEX colors) - the actual process of choosing and storing the color can be a little tricky until you know how to use the color picker.

  1. Above, next to the 'Calendar color' field, you will see a colored box and a small icon which leads to the Color Picker;
  2. To activate the color picker, you simply click on the box or the small icon and this will launch the color picker tool;
  3. Once the color picker is displayed there are three main actions you can use:
    • To choose a color from those currently in view, you can drag the circle in the left color area to choose the color you wish to use;
    • If the color you wish to use is not shown (typically it will show blacks, grey and white to the left and then various shades of the color group you have chosen to the right - in this case green), you can use the vertical bar containing all the colors (to the right of the picker) to choose a different color all together;
    • The bars at the bottom will show you the previous color selection (Left) and the new newly selected color (Right).
  4. Once you are satisfied with the color selection, select 'Choose' to allocate your chosen color.

Section 2: How do I change the color of other calendar entries?

You can change the colour of other items on the calendar such as Events, Reminders, Training, Public holidays etc by using the same inbuilt colour picker accessed via:

Administration > Company > Options > Calendar options

Click on the color you would like to change and follow the same steps as above to pick a new color.

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