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Allocating Time Off to Employees

You may need to allocate certain instances of time off to your employees for types of time off which an employee does not have the ability to book themselves through self-service, for example, a leave of absence due to illness.

To allocate time off to your employees, you will need to go to Time and Attendance > Time off 

Then at the bottom of the page on the right hand side, you will see an "Add" button. 

That will bring you to the following page, where you will need to select your employee's name from the drop down list. 

When you add time off, you will be presented with a list of the various time off types from which you can add time off.

The actual time off types themselves are different for every company. To add time off, the first step is to click the down arrow to the right of the appropriate time off heading – this will then open an additional box or boxes into which you can then add your request.

Depending on how your company has setup time off and also what types they have configured there will be at least two core types – those with an allowance (such as Annual Leave, for example) and those without (such as Sickness, for example).

When a particular type has an allowance (below on the left), you will first be presented with a balance graphic showing you the particulars of this type. The terminology used is the same as outlined above.

Once you have entered the start and end date, click Calculate Duration and this will tell you how many days or hours this request consists of and then click submit.

If the Start date and the end date are the same, an option may appear for you to select “All day, AM or PM”, if this occurs, selecting “All day” will automatically calculate the duration of absence to be 1 full days’ worth of leave whereas, selecting “AM” or “PM” will only deduct half a days’ worth of leave.

 In both cases, depending on how your company has configured time off types, you may have an additional box to fill in when making a request as below where you need to upload a document. – in this instance, you need to upload a document which is related to sickness leave, but this can be the case for any type of time off configured by administrators.

Please Note: Occasionally when making a request you may get an error or a notification – errors (in red) must be rectified before submitting the request whilst notifications (in yellow) are informational only:

  • Some examples of messages you may receive:
  • Start and end date are required
  • Start date must be before end date
  • You do not have enough days to complete this request - you currently have X remaining
  • The end date of this request is outside the allowed time period for carryover of X - please resubmit asntwo separate requests
  •  You do not have enough X to book this request
  • There is already time off booked for one or more of these dates - this is for your information only

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