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When I upload an image it just shows as a black box

Depending on your screen resolution, you may encounter issues when trying to upload large images for cropping in Employee images.

This is caused by the dimensions of the source image (the one you are trying to upload from your computer) being physically too large to be cropped properly.

Please Note - When talking about image sizes, there are two factors to consider. Weight (the size typically in KB or MB for which we have a limit of 2MB per image or document) and also the dimensions (i.e the length and width).

This issue is caused by the dimensions. Even if your image is under 2MB in weight, it may still show this problem if the dimensions are large.

If this happens, you can do one of two things:

1. Increase your screen resolution;

2. Reduce the dimensions of the image or crop the image in an image editor (if appropriate) - the largest employee image dimensions we use for the purposes of display currently is 400 pixels wide by 480 pixels deep (400px x 480px) so anything close to this will be ideal. For simplicity, you may want to choose 600px x 800px as this is a common preset crop in a lot of image editing packages.

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