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Accessing Employee Files

As managers, you have the ability to view the employee files of those employees who report to you. The amount of data which you can view on your employee's file will depend on the permissions which have been granted by system administrators. For example, certain options such as employee salary information may not be displayed if it has been hidden by administrators. 

To access an employee file, go to People > Employee.

You are then taken to the Employee cards page, where the employee names are listed.  Alternatively, you can use the search box and enter the employee name.
Next to each employee's name will be an "Action" box.  

  • Card: An alternative view of your employee's profile that looks like this: 

Note that the icons at the bottom of the screen are the same as those listed below. 

  • Edit -  edit the employee file 
  • View - show all of the information in the system relating to this employee on one screen 
  • Medical - view or add medical information for this employee  
  • Benefits - update employee working days, hours per week, time-off allowances, salary and benefits information 
  • Working Pattern - add or review the variable working pattern for this employee 
  • Job change - change the employee manager, departments, job title, job status, etc. 
  • Upload photo - add a photo or edit the employee photo 
  • Documents - upload documents which are attached to the employee file 
  • Workflows - the ability to allocate custom-built task workflows to this employee 
  • Risks - review any risks associated with this employee such as, missing mandatory documents or training qualifications 
  • Forms - review any "other forms" which have been completed by this employee 
  • Maps - shows an annual view of the employee's absence  
  • Vehicles - track any vehicles associated with the employee
  • Triggers - notification method which enables notification and a follow up action to be applied when a rule you have defined is "triggered", such as more than 3 days of unauthorized leave in the last 6 months 
  • Development - input the desired future job role of an employee once they have expressed an interest in a promotion; this feature works alongside the competencies module 
  • Competencies - input and map employee competencies alongside required competencies in their current role. Alongside the development module, you can also map competencies alongside desired job roles 
  • Payments - track any extra payments outside of salary and expenses which have been made to this employee 
  • Notes - notes relating to this employee
  • Employee goals - goals for this employee 
  • Time-off - view or add time records for this employee 
  • Employee Training - training for this employee 
  • Timesheets - view all timesheets which have been completed by this employee 
  • Reminder - reminders for this employees 
  • Systems - system accesses registered to this employee 

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