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Mileage Rates

Within HRWize, different mileage rates can be allocated for different job roles. However, before assigning a particular rate to an employee you must first set up the rates for each job role. This can be found through:

Administration > Company > Settings > Expenses > Mileage Rates

From here, click 'Add' and fill in the required fields. It would be most suitable that the mileage rate name would be the name of the department that the rate applies to.

As shown in the screenshot below, there are two mileage rate fields. This is for varying rates. For example, company policy may state that for the first 10,000 miles you would receive 25p per mile. After this, you receive 10p per mile. This would need to be entered as shown:

The system also has the capability to calculate passenger mileage rates. For example, your company may offer an extra an extra $0.05 per passenger per mile. If this is the case, in the Passenger mileage rate field you would enter ‘0.05.’

You can also limit the rate to a particular site or sites by selecting them in the Limit access by site field.

It is essential that the Status field is set to 'Active' for the mileage rate to be live.

Once this is created, an admin must assign the mileage rate to a particular job role. This can be done through:

Administration > HR > Data Management > Job Roles

From here, find the job role you wish to assign the mileage rate to. Click the pencil icon and you will see the Job role mileage rate field. It should be automatically set to 'Default', so you will need to click on this and select the name of the mileage rate you have created. 

Once selected, scroll to the bottom of the page and click 'Submit' and the rate has been assigned to a particular job role.

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